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To report a fault click here and upload a photograph
with your contact details to allow us to get
to you in office hours.

Request Maintenance

Tenant's Application form

Please, fill in application form with property you wish to let.
Also, please scan and send your latest pay slip or bank statement. Thank you.

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If you have an emergency please turn off any gas, water, or power before doing anything else. The workers do not work 24 hours a day so normally they would come out to you on the next working day.

Heating or plumbing

If the boiler is not working check the pressure on your boiler if there is a gauge. If the pressure is low then adding water to the boiler by opening the filling loop may get the boiler going again. Google how to do this for your make of boiler. It is usually (but not always) by opeining two black valves underneath. Please remember to close them again afterwards.

If the boiler is not giving you hot water or heating then log a breakdown with the office.
Please check your gas meter to make sure it has gas and is turned on.

If there is water coming out of the boiler, and you need a plumber call Steve Lawrence on 07776 203 892

If you have electric heating look at the electric board and make sure all of the trips are on.

If you need to have soemone attend please log as a breakdown.

If your electric goes out and your meter has credit on it then first check the fuse board, if you still have no power call our electrician Lucy Suggett on 07885 629 884

Leaks and other repairs

If you have a leak then turn the water supply off to stop the water. If the leak cannot wait untl the office opens then call Jason Davies on 07852 395 773

If your drains block and the manhole is on a shared run then Wessex Water will come and unblock the drain free of charge. Call them on 0345 600 4 600

If you have a mains water leak call Wessex Water on 0345 600 4 600