The Mortgage Process

All of Gary’s initial client meetings are solely to discuss the goal of the clients, and the ways that can be brought to fruition. This is a no obligation meeting and does not cost the client a penny. Should the client wish to act the first fee of £149 is only payable when the mortgage has been submitted for the client. The next fee of £195 is not paid until completion of the mortgage. The rest of the fees are covered by the fee paid from the mortgage provider.

Once the house has been secured in principle, and while the solicitors are working on the contract paperwork, Gary will arrange to meet the client and discuss keeping them in the home. The irony is that looking at what people protect – their lives first, then their health, and finally their income – is the exact opposite of the way in which people tend to claim. Gary will take each client through a journey which looks at need and affordability. Once the priorities have been identified and priced, then the client has the ultimate decision to make on the provision they consider to be appropriately affordable.

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